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Net Position

The total position of a market participant, which is produced by offsetting the purchase positions against the sales position in a contract.

New Highs-Lows cumulative (NH-NL)

This long-term indicator describes the difference between the number of shares, which have reached an annual high and the number of shares, which have reached an annual low. By means of this indicator, the current market trend should be confirmed using a chart. Most of the time, this indicator runs parallel to the overall market. If it deviates heavily from this, then a reversal of the market is to be assumed. Strong deviations of this indicator from the trend during a bull market show potential weaknesses. If in contrast the indicator deviates with a falling market, then the market is showing relative strengths.

Normal Market

The market situation where the prices for contracts with a later maturity date are higher than contracts, which mature sooner.

Notice of Allocation

Notification to the option writer that his exercising option was allotted.

Notice of Exercise

Notification of the option holder that he has the intention to make use of his warrant, that is to say, to exercise his agreement. For the holder of calls (puts), this means that he informs the clearing house of his intention to buy (sell) the basic value.

Notification Day

The latest point in time at which the seller of futures contracts can inform the buyer, through the clearing house, about the properties of the basic securities delivered to him at the maturity of the contract and the delivery time.

Current share price



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