Shareholder Structure*

Shareholders Equity Date of last voting rights notification
>5% Sun Life Financial Inc.1) / MFS 9.94% 10.02.2015
BlackRock, Inc.1) 8.60% 24.06.2016
Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway)1) 6.93% 01.09.2016
>3% Vonovia SE 4.99% 12.02.2016
APG Asset Management N.V.1) 3.04% 07.11.2016
Total 33.50%
Freefloat according to Deutsche Börse 93.07%
1) attributed voting rights according to Article 22 WpHG

*) Percentage points based on last voting rights notification according to §§ 21 ff. WpHG of the shareholders mentioned above. Publication of the voting rights notifications can be found here. We like to point out that the reported voting rights quota is based on the total number of voting rights as at the date of the notification. Additionally it is possible that the reported number of voting rights could have changed since then without crossing a threshold and thus without a notification requirement.

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